Introducing Recipto: A recipe sharing platform

Introducing Recipto: A recipe sharing platform

[Recipto]: Appwrite Hashnode Hackathon

Team Details

Victory Lucky - @lucky-victory

Description of Project

Recipto is a recipe-sharing platform where users can share their recipes with the following details:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Photo

  • Ingredients

  • Instructions

  • servings

  • cook time, and

  • preparation time

Also, users can share regular posts.

Tech Stack

  • React

  • Framework7

  • Redux Toolkit

  • Appwrite Cloud

    • Authentication
    • Database
    • Storage
  • Vercel

I used Appwrite Storage to store the images and retrieve the url making it easier for me to handle images, then add them to a post or recipe before storing them in their respective databases.

I utilized the Appwrite Database for storing posts and recipes, and
the Appwrite Authentication for authenticating users.

Challenges We Faced

One of the challenges I faced was storing objects in the Database because Appwrite Database doesn't support that, So I had to serialize (when storing) and deserialize them (when retrieving).

The other challenge was being able to render ingredients/instructions and make them editable on click.

Video showing the app working

signing in and adding a recipe


Public Code Repo

Here's a link to the demo app.

Demo login